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Kill Skill, the new Weconomy journal

Kill Skill, the new Weconomy journal 14 January 2019

The skills of the future don’t exist. The latest Weconomy journal, powered by Logotel, is out and available online on weconomy.it and in newsstands along with the January-February edition of the Harvard Business Review Italia

Kill Skill, the new Weconomy journal

Is acquiring new skills enough?
What motivates people to learn?

Over the last years, the world of work has kept changing faster and faster, "future-proof skills" lists are multiplying: inventories of talents which – theoretically – are supposed to prepare people to take on the challenges of the market. But actually, acquired skills grow old and, if not exercised, are forgotten.

The Nr.#13 Weconomy journal, Logotel’s cultural project, dedicated to collaborative innovation, starts with a play on words from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and ends at “killing skills” …
Or more or less: Kill Skill – A non-catalogue of skills.
Why? Because concentrating on skills like problem solving or digital literacy is a limiting perspective. The risks: the implicit promotion of de-personalized learning forms, which neglect individual talent and elude companies’ ability to self-organize.

What can be done?
People and organizations need to re-discover “the art of thinking”, to be part of an eco-system which is able to value talents and create a fertile culture inside organizations. Because, when we’re talking about skills, we’re actually talking about people’s development and new modalities of work and this also involves company strategy.


The Nr.#13 journal is made up by two macro-sections:
1.Reskill, Deskill and Upskill: an explorative introduction which describes changes in the world of skills and how obsolete skills need to be abandoned (deskilling) while those already acquired are updated (reskilling) and enhanced (upskilling).

2. Skills in action: the section that illustrates Weconomy’s new model, which outlines an eco-system, wherein skills are transformed into forms of behavior.

The model, which was born out of the encounter of Logotel’s know-how with a number of experts, is based on four activators: aptitude, motivation, permission and opportunity. These elements are essential to developing new abilities in relation to the context one belongs to, to keep already acquired skills alive and in order to let people continue to be relevant in their organizations and in society.

From London, to San Francisco, by way of Davos, the Nr. #13 journal faces the skill topic by collaborating with internationally renown researchers, such as the World Economic Forum, in addition to psychologists, designers and entrepreneurs, HR directors and experts in learning models.

“Kill Skill”, available to download on the Weconomy site, is distributed with the January-February 2019 edition of the Harvard Business Review Italia.