How can a bank contribute to developing the country’s social fabric? What services should we design to support schools and families in educating the younger generations?



Webecome is an educational offering for primary schools that supports teachers, head teachers and parents on pathways to prevent and combat social hardship and to develop boys’ and girls’ transversal skills. Webecome provides an online platform with 8 themed pathways developed with over 60 experts from different research specialisms. The videos, worksheets, tools and in-depth information provide education community stakeholders with content tailored to their specific roles to help them understand the various forms of hardship along with effective tools to prevent and combat them, inspired by the best educational practices in Italy and internationally.



There can be no economic growth and wellbeing in society without social and cultural development. Intesa Sanpaolo is ramping up its commitment to social causes, with an effort to support those who look after the younger generations, the young people who are our country’s present and its future. The new forms of social hardship – from bullying and cyberbullying to discrimination, dependency and marginalisation – condition today’s children and tomorrow’s adults. The response is Webecome: real, practical support for the whole educational community, the people who work every day to help children grow into strong, responsible citizens who can make good choices and determine the direction that will turn their present into their future. Webecome also seeks to develop the transversal skills – creativity, problem solving, communication, emotional and social intelligence – that are vital for young people’s healthy, positive and rounded development.



Designing a service to make a difference in society is an exciting challenge. It demands in-depth knowledge of the context, an ability to get stakeholders involved, multidisciplinary expertise, and a clear vision of the benefits and the contribution that the service should provide.

Working alongside various units at Intesa Sanpaolo – Social Stakeholder, Universities and Schools Relations; the Development Policies and Learning Academy department; Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione Scpa – Logotel coordinated the efforts to develop the service from the initial concept right through to launch. The content and tools that Webecome offers to parents and teachers have been designed and developed in an inclusive, plural approach. We have built a network of authoritative sociology, education, clinical and behavioural experts with experience and skills in several specific research disciplines.

The collaborative dimension runs through all the stages of the project, involving the experts, head teachers, teachers, parents and children in a structured process to listen and elicit needs and to plan, build, test and refine the various online services. Their tools and content with its verbal and visual language were gradually fine-tuned, trialled and honed to keep the offering in line with head teachers’, teachers’ and parents’ expectations, to reflect the contexts in which the services would be used. The multidisciplinary team approach was key to the project’s success, involving strategists, service designers, education experts, project managers, visual designers, illustrators, content designers, video makers and instructional designers.




Webecome is an online platform providing a new educational approach, and it is always available free of charge. The content includes an array of expert video interviews, educational videos, infographics, in-depth information, bibliographies and planning tools for creating positive, engaging classroom experiences that provide effective ways to prevent and combat hardship in its various forms and to develop pupils’ transversal skills. Each topic is tackled in a positive, proactive approach. The aim is not to stigmatise poor behaviour but rather to develop and reinforce positive habits, sensibilities and attitudes that, if properly encouraged and rewarded, reduce the risk of the children experiencing hardship. The Growing Up Alphabet underlines the positivity, associating each themed pathway with a keyword, an “antidote” to the problem in question: A for attitude (transversal skills), G for gusto (nutrition), R for relationships (digital citizenship education), S for support (cyberbullying), T for togetherness (against bullying), U for uniqueness (diversity) and W for wellbeing (dependency). Webecome’s collaborative, inclusive, open approach is embodied in storytelling experiences structured into 7 occasions that put the children at the heart of the activities. It emphasises beauty as a fundamental human need and uses time and space as essential educational resources for embracing each individual child’s wants and needs.

Webecome reinforces the teacher’s guiding role, enabling them to adapt and personalise the educational tools to their class’s requirements.


2 online platforms: one to present the project, one for in-depth educational information

150+ videos to explain the project and provide in-depth educational materials

1300+ hours of training available online

60+ experts

20+ months of planning and development

4 educational and experimental pathways in the community, with:

100 participating schools

120+ teachers involved

2500+ children

6 regions participating in the rollout (Campania, Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Puglia and Veneto)