To-do list for the summer

To-do list for the summer 27 July 2018

Interesting ideas, inspiring videos, activities to get going again and of course books: our tips for recharging your batteries while continuing to nourish your Extraordinary Selves also during the summer holidays.

To-do list for the summer

Whether you spend your summer under the beach umbrella or in the shade of a wood in the mountains, as well as relaxing and switching off for a while the holidays are also a precious opportunity to nourish the mind with new input.
And if you are missing a few activities on your summer to-do list, here are our tips for completing it:



Today’s companies are populated by over 4 different generations that find themselves side-by-side at the same desk while stores are visited by over 5 generations with completely different needs and values.
It is increasingly necessary for businesses to take account not only of the psychological and behavioural complexities of people but also of the generation to which the customers and workers with whom they interact every day belong.
Capeci analyses in particular Generations Y and Z, and related stereotypes and falsehoods, providing a guide for next-generation marketing.



Discover what happens in our brain when we have a brainwave 

You know that feeling of satisfaction when all the pieces of the jigsaw finally fall into place?
A group of Viennese researchers has carried out a study to analyse which areas are activated when we solve a problem, investigating the rush of excitement we have when coming up with a solution.
You can read about their findings in this article.



If, even when on holiday, you can’t stop thinking about how to reorganise your life once you have got back, here is a good way of restarting again after the summer break with new energy.
Track the past, organise the present and prepare for the future” is the mantra - and goal - of a new way of organising your agenda devised in New York City by designer Ryder Carroll: the Bullet Journal.

What is the difference between being busy and being productive? Will this new way of organising your agenda help you focus on the things that are really worthy of your time?

If you are interested in having “an agenda of a super organised person” find out what to do here:



Training perception skills with a reading course

How can you learn to observe people better?
Let’s begin with a basic Service Design manual like This is Service Design Thinking by Marc Stickdorn, which is packed with tools that train us to improve our perception of others, like the empathy map.
Let’s continue with an enjoyable book to read under the beach umbrella, Éloge du bistrot parisien: author, ethnologist Marc Augè, teaches us to use different eyes and words to observe people.
In a world dominated by speed and the digital transformation, an issue that we have covered at Logotel in recent months, reconsidering the person and their needs is increasingly important. So we don’t virtualise our customers, one good exercise could be to study them in real places.
And to finish, to explore the bistro experience, a detective novel – a genre that has always taken a sharp view of reality – like Maigret and the Minister by Georges Simenon.



Watch this video to begin the summer with the right rhythm...