Logotel: 2018 is the year of YES – Your Extraordinary Self

Logotel: 2018 is the year of YES – Your Extraordinary Self 16 February 2018

Having achieved our targets for 2017, our 2018 will be characterised by YES – Your Extraordinary Self, the idea that we can all implement effective and transformative paths and processes that have a real impact on projects.

Logotel: 2018 is the year of YES – Your Extraordinary Self

Logotel 2018: YES

At the start of every new year Logotel comes together to share its results and new goals during kickoff, two packed days of dialogue and collaboration. Whereas in 2017 revenues exceeded €12.5 million, in 2018 Logotel aims to develop services, content and experiences that are useful, simple and extraordinary for the domestic and international market.


“In 2017 we consolidated our growth trend – underlines Nicola Favini, General Manager and Manager of Communities at Logotel – and the revenues from services that we developed rose by 16% compared with the previous year thanks to the work that our 180 people carry out every day alongside our domestic and international customers. Logotel will continue to be present on the international markets, supporting its business clients with major service design, training and learning and content & business community transformation projects. In addition to Italy, today we have permanent staff in ParisMadrid and Brussels and every day our projects serve over 22 countries across the world. A good starting point for an exciting and action-packed 2018.”


For Logotel 2018 will be distinctive for YES – Your Extraordinary Self as Cristina Favini, Strategist and Manager of Design at Logotel, underlines:


“Why talk about Your Extraordinary Self this year? We are aware that we are in the middle of a transition. The difference we make as a Business and as People depends on our ability to introduce paths and processes that are effective, that are transformative, that change things in a concrete and visible way. This is the challenge that awaits Logotel and our system of expertise, which involves our People and our Partners. To experience the transformation taking place we must train ourselves to become more adept in various areas, as both people and as an organisation. Behind a strong “Why” we must have some strong “Who’s” . For this reason we are planning a series of events, actions and moments in order to take care of our Selves, to adopt an original perspective and to strengthen our vision of our businesses.”



Our calendar is filled with a series of internal and external events and international meetings dedicated to issues such as the digital transformation, service design and new experiential formats for learning developed for the different generations.

We begin with Digital Impact, which takes place in March during Milan Digital Week, during which we will ask how we can engage, motivate and support people and organisations to foster continuous evolution, employing hybrid relational environments and advanced learning ecosystems.

Also in March, editorial project weconomy, which examines the world of collaborative innovation, will undergo an evolution in terms of its storytelling models with a new website and the release of the new book, the 12th in all, entitled “Robot – Is automation collaborative?”.