Our pitch into the new year: Logotel's Kickoff

Our pitch into the new year: Logotel's Kickoff 18 February 2019

A topic to inspire and guide us all year round, two days to imagine the future together, Logotel's 200-people-team, a surprise location: these are the ingredients for our traditional Kickoff.

Our pitch into the new year: Logotel's Kickoff

Logotel | Kickoff

Each year Logotel takes two days to spark new thoughts and ideas for the year to come, together with its more than 200 people.
A lot of various locations in the years hosted the energy of Logotels team: Starting from the Università del Gusto (‘University of Taste’) Pollenzo (CN), to the television studios we had all to ourselves, historical buildings all around Italy or the snowy heights of Madesimo (SO), finishing to the splendid Lago Maggiore scenario.

What is Logotel’s Kickoff?

It’s a moment for all of Logotel to reunite and time to sum up the months that passed, share prospects for the future, exchange energy and ideas and focus on new challenges.

During our two Kickoff days, we’ll let ourselves be inspired by a series of encounters, which focus on specific topics every year, maybe featuring contributions by experts that come from outside of Logotel.
It is an important opportunity to get to know colleagues from different teams and projects, who are working in Paris, Madrid, Milano, Torino, Rome and all over the world. Here at Logotel we speak up to 10 different languages on a daily basis.

We’re almost 200 people and it’s not always easy to sit and chat, exchange thoughts on projects or even just have a simple coffee: that’s why the Kickoff is the perfect opportunity, a date we keep in Logotel in order to exert different abilities and have more and more diverse teams merge. The same table may host designers, programmers, project managers, community managers, copywriters, art directors, instructors and many more: all together for two days to get to know each other in a multidisciplinary and international context, an opportunity for encounters with colleagues who work abroad and share a different point of view.

As time passes, the Logotel Kickoff is enriched by all kinds of new ideas, which guide our choices, our approach in planning, our way of relating to the people we work with.
But where did we start?
Here are the last editions of our Kickoff, together with the topics that have brought us all the way here.




2019 - Do It With Care

What we do tells the story of who we are. Do it with care. Taking car is when attention becomes intention, the “how” will make the difference and will generate impact. Do it with care is an courageous action, it’s a differential mark which generates a new result, which we have to accompany with curiosity.

2018 - YES | Your Extraordinary Self

YES: each and every one of us can bring effective and transformative routes in to  play, to change things in a practical and visible manner, to generate impacts on projects. It’s necessary to keep training a multi-dimensional consistency, as people and as a company: behind a strong “Why” we need to have strong “Who”s.

2017 - Impact to

A Kickoff under the sign of “We bring impact to…”: every one of our gestures, projects and skills can bring along true change, give new meaning to reality and create impact on what surrounds us and in people’s lives.

2016 - Play Original

The contamination between worlds and different knowledge produces concrete and original answers.  It’s the year of “Play Original”: unexpected (or designed) encounters generate originality and value, just as the phrase that took us through 2016 and beyond states: “When… meets…”.

2015 - Future Needs

With new markets opening and the context transforming, experiences change and we need to re-code people’s needs: this year we're giving Need Design a shape and our Kickoff will concentrate on the dimension of Needs. Design, develop, manage a relationship or a service, all these things require us to become “experts”  of People, their behaviours, their emotions. 

2014 - Thinkintime

A year to concentrate on the time factor as a metaphor for the start of every story, a condition for memory, the vision of the future and a key element of project sensemaking. In a continuously changing context, the true urgency is abandon our alibis and make a date with time. Time to be taken, not lost. Time to act and not time to endure. Time for value to create value.

2013 - Make Change Happen

Change doesn’t happen if there’s no motivation and participation: People are the true actors, artisans and “makers” of change. It is necessary to train a set of dynamic behaviours, knowledge and abilities on a daily basis: we’re talking about “people consistency”.

2012 - Believe It and Make it

We need to intertwine our talents with others to create new “hybrid” combinations of unprecedented skills and abilities, in order to produce a shared meaning, to believe in projects and make them come alive: it’s the year of “Believe it and make it!”

2011 - We Make

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”: ME + ME does not equal two MEs, but WE! In order to imagine the future and follow all the changes, it is necessary to listen to our WEs, who concretely land our projects onto the ground.

2010 - We Ready

Changes are constant, we need agility, to be ready to dash forward in no time. Brave companies train every day, ready to re-design their abilities, select their experience, innovate their way of working. But a company is only ever truly ready when all of its people are, each with their own work, focussing on their objectives, with their imagination, their curiosity and passion.

2009 - Be Brave

Imagine, create, innovate: the “Be Brave” will push us to be courageous, to dare with our hearts, with courage and concreteness, like avant-garde movements did, with the abilities that will give our projects shape.