Happy birthday, Logotel!

Happy birthday, Logotel! 25 October 2018

25 years: an extraordinary milestone, but above all a new starting point and an opportunity to celebrate the moments, the projects and the people who have contributed to the wonderful journey that is Logotel.

Happy birthday, Logotel!


We started out in 1993 with an idea, and can now count on 196 heads and hearts of 10 different nationalities, all of whom work hard to design processes that create a strong impact for our customers, and, above all, with our customers.

Because at Logotel, people are and continue to be at the centre of every project.
Figures are an important means of tracing our journey, but it is people who guide us, with their challenges and projects that soon become our own.
Our job is to make these projects unique, capable of making an impact and generating value.

Below are the figures that have marked our journey so far, and that we wish to remember in order to celebrate these 25 years together and usher in a new age of success.


Happy birthday, Logotel!


36.8  – The average age of the people who work in the Logotel, from the Silent Generation to Generation Z. The youngest to date? Our very own digital native, Rodrigo, born in 1998.


2,350 – The square meters of our Logotel headquarters in Ventura Lambrate, in addition to 450 square meters of terraces and 80 square meters of offices in our headquarters in Paris, France.


645 – The number of articles on innovation, future, management and people published so far on Weconomy, Logotel’s cultural platform dedicated to the collaborative economy.


59 – The current number of Customers who are not only active, but who activate us and set us challenges. Over the years, more than 140 Customers overall have trusted in us and allowed us to grow.


268 – The number of projects executed - and lived intensely - in 2017!


22 years - The longest-standing ongoing collaboration with a single customer (TIM, from 1996 to date). 


30 million – The record number of people reached by a project in which we collaborated: the number of Italians who receive an Enel power or gas bill.


1,844 – The number of users involved in testing the new services designed in the past two years.


457 – The size of the Customer Experience maps designed and printed in one year in the Design field.


31 - The number of Business Communities we have created to date and that continue to operate day after day.


80,000 - The total number of active users of our Business Communities (while you have been reading, this figure has undoubtedly increased).


+14,000 - The population that “lets loose” and collaborates daily on our biggest Business Community (Enelflow for Enel).


32 – The number of countries - from Japan to the United States, and from Morocco to Australia - reached by the International business community DRES, designed and managed in collaboration with Diesel, in which we speak 8 different languages!


10 – The number of languages we speak every day working on our customers’ projects.


14,876 – The record number of visitors to the Logotel exhibition “Poetry – 21 words for…” at Milano Design Week 2016.


+15,000 – The average number of classroom training hours held every year by our trainers.


272,000 – The number of online training hours delivered between February and July 2018 to train 13,800 people on the use of new CRM systems for a CRM-Transformation project.


+17 - The number of terabytes of projects shot, edited and published by our video staff in 2017, for a grand total of more than 300 audio-visual productions.


1,700 – The number of bottles of Prosecco - rigorously Giuliano’s one - cracked opened with our customers since we started counting them, 12 years ago.


37 – The number of ancient compasses present in our collection of agricultural tools. A further and exceptional compass - the 25th ADI Compasso d'Oro award - made its arrival in Logotel in 2018 for the Enel “Bolletta 2.0” and e-Billing project.


0 – The number of secretaries or personal assistants in Logotel.


7 – The number of secretaries or personal assistants in Logotel.


+144,000 – The number of cups of coffee drunk (and generally spilt) in one year. 



We can’t wait to discover the next figure, the next project, the next stage of the journey.
The destination may be unknown, but how we intend to get there is not: in a word, together.


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